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Coin Information from Coin Update

coin-updateCoin Update now provides information on United States coin series and world bullion coins. Current sections dealing with US coins include most recent circulating designs, recent commemorative coin issues, US Mint annual proof and mint sets, gold, silver, and platinum coins. The sections dealing with world bullion coins include the major issues from Australia, Austria, Canada, China, and South Africa. These bullion coins are commonly acquired by both precious metals investors and coin collectors.

Each page will provide background information and history of each coin or series. Additional information includes coin specifications, mintage figures, and important considerations. Large sized coin images are included with most descriptions. Use this as the start of your coin research or to expand your knowledge about different coins.


2009 Lincoln Cents
50 State Quarters
DC & US Territories Quarters
America the Beautiful Quarters

2010 America the Beautiful Quarters

Presidential Dollars

2010 Presidential Dollars

Native American Dollars


Abraham Lincoln Silver Dollar
Louis Braille Silver Dollar
Boy Scouts Silver Dollar
Disabled Veterans Silver Dollar


2010 Proof Set
2010 Mint Set


Ultra High Relief Double Eagle

First Spouse Gold Coins

2009 First Spouse Gold Coins
2010 First Spouse Gold Coins

American Gold Eagle

2008 Gold Eagles
2009 Gold Eagles

American Gold Buffalo

2008 Gold Buffalo Coins
2009 Gold Buffalo Coins
2010 Gold Buffalo Coins


American Silver Eagle

2008 Silver Eagles
2009 Silver Eagles
2010 Silver Eagles


American Platinum Eagle

2008 Platinum Eagles
2009 Platinum Eagles



Gold Kangaroo
Silver Koala
Silver Kookaburra


Gold Philharmonic
Silver Philharmonic


Silver Maple Leaf
Gold Maple Leaf
Platinum Maple Leaf
Palladium Maple Leaf


Gold Panda
Silver Panda

South Africa

Gold Krugerrand