Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf

Palladium Maple Leaf

Palladium Coin Information

The Royal Canadian Mint produced the first government issued palladium bullion coin with the Palladium Maple Leaf. Several other countries had previously issued palladium coins as commemorative issues, but not bullion coins. The Palladium Maple Leaf was an interesting addition to the Maple Leaf coins, which already included Gold Maple Leaf, Silver Maple Leaf, and Platinum Maple Leaf coins.

The coin was introduced in 2005 and produced from 2005 to 2007. The coins were only produced in 1 ounce size and carried a purity of 99.95% palladium. Each coin carries a face value of C$50.

The obverse of the coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II with inscriptions of “Elizabeth II”, the denomination “$50 Dollars”, and the date. The reverse features the Canadian Maple Leaf and the inscriptions “Canada”, “9995 Fine Palladium”, “1 oz”, and “9995 Palladium Pur”.

The Palladium Maple Leaf sold a relatively small number of coins during the three years the coin was produced. For the first year of availability, production was limited to 40,000 coins. After the initial year, demand dictated smaller mintages. By the third year, the number of coins produced had declined to about 15,000 coins and the coin was discontinued. As a result of the limited distribution and the coin’s status as the only government issued palladium bullion coin, the Palladium Maple Leaf usually sells at a significant premium to the precious metal value.

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Coin Specifications

Dates: 2005-2007
Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
Weight: 31.1033 grams
Composition: 99.95% palladium
Platinum Content: 1 ounce
Diameter: 33.0 mm