Franklin Half Dollars

Coin Series The Franklin Half Dollar coin series was introduced in 1948. The coin featured Benjamin Franklin, one of the most renowned of the Founding Fathers. The series was cut short in 1963 to be replaced with the Kennedy Half Dollar the following year. Although the series was relatively short lived, it does provide coin […]

Presidential Dollars

Coin Series The Presidential Dollar Coin Series was authorized by The Presidential $1 Coin Act Public Law 109-145. The series will honor the former Presidents of the United States with circulating dollar coins bearing their images. Each year four different coins will be released honoring Presidents in the order served. The series will coincide with […]

First Spouse Gold Coins

First Spouse Gold Coins

Gold Coin Series The First Spouse Gold Coin Program was authorized by Public Law 109-145 which was signed on December 22, 2005. The series was structured to coincide with the Presidential Dollars coin series so that as coins are issued to honor each President, the corresponding coin is issued to honor his spouse. First Spouse […]