Draped Bust Half Dimes

Draped Bust Half Dime

Coin Information The smallest original silver denominations within the United States would see its designed altered following the two dates of issues for the prior series. The new design would be created by Robert Scot, based on sketches prepared by the famed portraitist Gilbert Stuart. The new rendition of Liberty was viewed more favorably and […]

Draped Bust Dollars

Draped Bust Dollars

Coin Information The second type of silver dollar produced by the United States Mint was known as the Draped Bust Dollar. The first year of issue was 1795, which was the final year of issue for the previous series. Regular production would take place for each year until 1803. Three decades later, the final and […]

Trade Dollars

Trade Dollar

Coin Information The Trade Dollar was authorized and first minted in 1873 in order to create an American coin to compete with other favored forms of currency in the Orient. The coins were produced in quantity at the Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Carson City Mints until 1878, after which point, the Philadelphia Mint continued to […]

Liberty Coronet Gold Eagle

Liberty Gold Eagle

Coin Information Designed by Christian Gobrecht, the Liberty Coronet Gold Eagle was an extremely long running series for the $10 gold denomination. The design was introduced in 1838 and amidst some periodic modifications, continued to be produced until 1907. The original obverse designed featured the head of Liberty facing left and wearing a cornet with […]

Saint Gaudens Double Eagles

Saint Gaudens Double Eagle

Coin Information The second series for the twenty dollar double eagle gold coins was designed by famed sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens. The coins would be produced between the years 1907 and 1933, with the first and the last years of issue both being extremely notable for collectors. For the first year of issue, there were […]

Flowing Hair Dollars

Flowing Hair Dollars

Coin Series The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar was produced for two years from 1794 to 1795 and represents the first silver dollars struck in the United States. Due to their important place and history, the low mintages, and only two years of production, these coins are prized by collectors at all grade levels. Many are […]

2011 Gold Buffalo Coins

2011 Gold Buffalo

Coin Information The United States Mint first made the 2011 American Gold Buffalo available on March 14, 2011. This was the first date that authorized purchasers could place orders for the bullion version of the coin. Featuring James Earle Fraser’s classic design for the Buffalo Nickel, the bullion and collector releases of the series continue […]

Jefferson Nickels

Jefferson Nickel

Coin Information The Jefferson Nickel has the distinction of being a series that is accessible to new collectors and challenging to advanced collectors. The series was introduced in 1938, replacing the previous Buffalo Nickels. The new design was created by Felix Schlag and featured a portrait of Thomas Jefferson on the obverse and a depiction […]