Presidential Dollar Mintage Figures

Washington Presidential DollarAfter producing nearly one billion Presidential Dollars in 2007, the US Mint’s production of the new dollar coin has slowed considerably. Notably the production figures for the first six releases showed a continuous decline. With the release of the Andrew Jackson Presidential Dollar the figures showed a brief uptick.

The tables below present the US Mint’s published production figures for the coins of the Presidential Dollar Coin Series. This includes only coins struck for circulation including coins sold directly by the US Mint in bags and rolls. It does not included collectible versions of the coins such as those produced for Mint Sets or Proof Sets.

Find the most up to date Presidential Dollar Mintages.

2007 Presidential Dollar Mintages

Denver Philadelphia Total
George Washington 163,680,000 176,680,000 340,360,000
John Adams 112,140,000 112,420,000 224,560,000
Thomas Jefferson 102,810,000 100,800,000 203,610,000
James Madison 87,780,000 84,560,000 172,340,000
2007 Presidential Dollars 940,870,000

2008 Presidential Dollar Mintages

Denver Philadelphia Total
James Monroe 60,230,000 64,260,000 124,490,000
John Quincy Adams 57,720,000 57,540,000 115,260,000
Andrew Jackson 61,070,000 61,180,000 122,250,000
Martin Van Buren 51,520,000 50,960,000 102,480,000
2008 Presidential Dollars 464,480,000