2011 American Gold Eagles

2011 Gold Eagle

Gold Coin Information The United States Mint first released the 2011 American Gold Eagle amidst a record high price for gold and elevated worldwide demand for physical precious metals. The popular 22 karat gold bullion and collector coin offering features the iconic design of Liberty by Augustus Saint Gaudens and a depiction of a family […]

2008 Gold Eagles

Gold Coin Information The American Gold Eagle was first offered by the United States Mint in 1986 as a 22 karat gold bullion coin. Proof versions of the coin were also offered for collectors. Since 2006, collectible uncirculated versions of the coin have been produced which are struck on specially burnished blanks and carry the […]

American Gold Eagle

Gold Coin Information The American Gold Eagle was authorized in 1985 by Congress to create the new American Eagle Bullion Coin Program. The Gold Eagle was authorized along with the American Silver Eagle to allow production of bullion coins for sale to the public. The first coins were released in 1986. The weight, content, and […]