Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin

Coin Information

Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin was offered for sale by the US Mint on August 30, 2007. This represented the third coin released on for the series. The prior two coins had a simultaneous release earlier in the year and honored Martha Washington and Abigail Adams.

The obverse of Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty was originally designed by Robert Scot and re-sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. This image was used on the Draped Bust Half Cent coin, which was produced from 1800 to 1808. In accordance with the rules of the First Spouse Gold Coin program, since Jefferson served in office without a spouse, an image of Liberty from a circulation coin of his era was used for the obverse. The inscriptions “In God We Trust” and “Liberty” are included. Also included are the date and mint mark, years of Jefferson’s Presidential term “1801-1809″ and “3rd Presidency.”

The reverse of the coin was designed and sculpted by Charles Vickers. The reverse depicts Thomas Jefferson’s monument, located at his Monticello estate. The inscription on the monument is visible on the coin, “Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, of the statute of Virginia for religious freedom and the father of the University of Virginia. Born April 2, 1743, O.S. Died July 4, 1826.”

Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty First Spouse Coins were issued with both proof and uncirculated finishes. The coins had a maximum authorized mintage of 40,000 coins and sold out on the day of issue despite a household limit of one coin per option per household. The following releases of the series did not prove as popular as the first three. The Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty coin was the last release of the First Spouse Gold series to sell out.

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Coin Specifications

Designer: Robert Scot (obverse), Charles Vickers (reverse)
Sculptor: Phebe Hemphill (obverse), Charles Vickers (reverse)
Date: 2007
Mint: West Point (W mint mark)
Weight: 0.5000 troy oz. (15.554 g)
Composition: 0.9999 fine gold
Diameter: 1.041 inches (26.49 mm)
Thickness: 0.074 inches (1.88 mm)

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